Three Times You Should Have Called a Plumber

14/02/2018 14:50

It happens to all of us. We have a small plumbing “situation” that we feel we can handle on our own. Rather than calling the plumber to handle the issue, we just use whatever we have on-hand to take care of the problem. Here are a few common scenarios in which you really should have called the plumber:

  1. Clogged Drain – A clogged drain can happen any time and for any reason. Whether it was too much toilet paper down the toilet or there is food stuck in the kitchen sink, having drain cleaning chemicals on hand should solve the problem. Unfortunately, a clogged drain isn’t always a surface issue, and you may find yourself with a returning clog no matter what you do, and overuse of harsh chemicals can corrode your pipes. Your plumber will be able to check your pipes and ensure that you have clean and clear drains.
  2. DIY Bathroom Reno – While they make it look easy to change out your bathroom vanity on TV, the truth is that if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up with a heap of problems. From making sure the faucet is properly sealed to avoiding a water leak at the wall connection, letting a plumber tackle this task is the first step in a successful bathroom renovation.
  3. Septic Solutions – Most people don’t want to deal with their septic system in any way, but occasionally there may be a backup that leads to risks inside your home. Rather than waiting to see what happens with your septic system, calling a professional plumber who handles septic issues will help you protect your home and avoid a big mess.

Gas or Electric Water Heater? Your Plumber Can Help You Choose

26/01/2018 16:31

You are getting ready for the day. You have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and read the morning news. You are about to hop in the shower and BAM! You are hit with nothing but cold water. After a few calls to your home warranty company, you find out your water heater is no longer under warranty and it’s time to get a new one.  As you wander around the home improvement store, you discover there are two different options: gas or electric. Which one should you choose?

Rather than trying to read all the labels and do Google searches for the best water heaters of 2018 – there is a single phone call you should make: to your plumber. Because there are several pros and cons of each water heater option, having an experienced and knowledgeable professional help you weigh your options can be invaluable.

Here are a few of the things your plumber might discuss with you as you choose a gas or electric water heater:

  • When it comes to initial purchase price, electric water heaters are less expensive. However, they cost more to operate on a daily basis.
  • Electric heaters are safer to install and are generally safer in the home because there is no risk of fuel leaks or combustion.
  • Gas heaters take less time to reheat water and will work under power outages, while electric heaters will not.
  • The average life of an electric water heater is approximately 12 years, while gas heaters tend to last a year or two longer.

In the U.S., 49% of households use a gas water heater and 31% use electric, while 20% use another source or no water heating. So, which water heater should you choose? It really comes down to your individual priorities. Is it price? Safety? Lifespan? Whichever route you choose, your plumber will also know how to help you get the best results from your new investment with efficient and accurate installation.

Did You Call a Licensed Electrician for Your Outdoor Lighting Installation?

28/12/2017 15:02

If you’re planning an outdoor lighting installation, it may be tempting to just string up the lights you recently bought and plug them into the nearest outlet. Unfortunately, this can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you are planning for your outdoor lighting to be a permanent fixture for your patio, balcony, or outdoor living area.

One way to ensure that your outdoor lighting installation truly goes as-planned is to call a licensed electrician, and here’s why:

  • While stringing up the lights might seem like a fun project, it can also be frustrating when you don’t get the outcome you were hoping for. A licensed electrician will know how to design your outdoor lighting for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • A licensed electrician is also a good choice when you want to make sure your lights are actually ideal for the outdoors. Not all lighting fixtures are equipped to handle changing weather conditions, which essentially puts your home at risk. You can avoid this by having a professional give guidance about the type of lighting fixtures you should use.
  • Finally, a licensed electrician will make sure your outdoor electrical sockets and wiring are safe for the type of outdoor lighting installation that you require. You’ll never have to worry that you’ll have a malfunction because you’ve had a professional take a look before you flip the switch.

Adding outdoor lighting can be a safe, fun, and beautiful addition. Just make sure to call a licensed electrician first!

Benefits Of Choosing Professional Plumbing

21/10/2017 15:01

It is not a rare occurrence to find that your home is in need of a plumbing repair. Sometimes the plumbing issue may be minor and you can handle it yourself. At other times you might need a professional. It is advisable to call a professional plumber if you are having an issue. Here are the benefits of calling a professional plumbing service.


Proper Training

If you do not have the right training on how to handle plumbing equipment, then you could end up causing more damage to the house. This will eventually cost you more because you will definitely have to hire professional plumbers to fix the mess. Why not just hire them at the start instead of going through so much trouble? Professional plumbers are well-trained and know what to do so as to solve issues efficiently.



If you get a Plumbing Services company that is insured, you can trust that any extra damage that may occur during the job will be taken care of by the service. They will guarantee that you will not have to pay for the extra repairs. This is better than having to pay for damages out of your own pocket.


Right Equipment

There are plumbing issues that require some equipment that you might not have but a professional plumber has. For instance clogged drains or pipes that are not easily accessed can be tough to handle if you do not know what you are doing. Calling experts will help so that the issue is resolved in the right manner by use of the right equipment.

If you are looking to hire a plumbing repair services, ensure that they are available at any time and that they have right transportation for their supplies. This will ensure that plumbing issues are resolved quickly.

Do You Really Need to Call a Plumber? Here’s How to Tell

18/09/2017 16:55

You enjoy tackling a good do-it-yourself project, so when something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing, you pull out your tools and get to work. Although this might work in some instances, there are many cases where you should still have the help of a professional plumber. If you aren’t sure whether you should call a plumber, here’s how to tell:

·         Clogged toilet – Initially, you might think that clogged toilet just needs a few good plunges. However, if this doesn’t get your toilet back to normal, you could have a serious blockage that requires the expertise of a plumber.

·         Low water pressure—There are many issues that can contribute to low water pressure in your home, like clogged pipes and plumbing leaks. Call a plumber if you aren’t sure why the water pressure in your home dropped all of a sudden.

·         Colorful water – Having something other than clean, clear water come out of your faucet is alarming. Have a plumber come over as soon as possible if your water is yellow, brown, or a bluish-green color when it comes out of the tap.

·         Slow drains—It’s nearly inevitable that over time, your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or bathtub will start draining slower than normal. Resist the urge to use chemical drain cleaners, as these can damage your pipes, and call a plumber to help you find and eliminate the clog.

On top of all these signs, have a plumber come and take a look at your plumbing issue if you aren’t sure about what to do. Your plumbing system will thank you! 

3 Reasons Electrical Repairs Should Be Handled By A Professional

15/09/2017 06:16

Many do-it-yourselfers will try to handle every home repair on their own. Typically, this is a very good practice, and thanks to all the information available online, it's now easier than ever before to do most of your home repairs by yourself. When it comes to electrical repairs however, you should always try to find a professional electrician to handle your repairs rather than trying to do them yourself. Below are just a few reasons that this kind of services should always be handled by a professional.


Potential Injury

Anytime that you are working with electricity, there is a significant risk for injury. Even if you have taken the time to make sure that power is shut off to outlets and appliances that you may be working on, there is still a significant risk for electrical shock.


This is because many appliances and outlets can often store power inside of them. This means that even if the power is shut off from the breakers, you may still have enough of a charge to deliver a nasty shock to yourself when you are working on the circuit.


A professional electrician knows how to check to make sure that all electricity is shut off to the circuit that they are going to be working on before they ever begin servicing it.


Future Expenses

There are a few other repair jobs that you can do in your home that have the potential to break as often as electrical repairs. If things are not done right the first time, then you may find the same repairs must be done again in the future.


Worst of all, often when repairs are done improperly the first time, the next set of repairs will cost significantly more money than if the job had been done correctly the first time around.


Risk for Property Damage

There have been a lot of people over the years who have found themselves dealing with the aftereffects of a home fire after electrical repairs had not been performed correctly. Sadly, this is a very common occurrence, and perhaps the biggest reason that electrical repairs should only be handled by a professional.


Rather than risking the potential loss of your home, it is highly recommended that you trust your electrical repairs to professionals rather than trying to do them yourself.


Final Thoughts

As you can see above, there are many reasons that you should always trust your electrical repairs to professionals rather than trying to do them yourself. Yes, electricians can often be a significant investment of money, but the potential losses associated with improper repairs can be far costlier.

When you Need an Emergency Plumbing Repair

24/08/2017 05:23

If you are experiencing an emergency plumbing repair in your home or office, you need the right contractor to take care of the problem. With a host of plumbers on the market, finding the best contractor is not going to be an easy task after all. There are so many things to consider when selecting a reputable and experienced plumbing contractor in your area. This article provides information on what you should look for in a good plumbing contractor.


Most states in the United States require a plumber to hold a valid license to operate in that particular state. You should check with the relevant licensing authority in the state whether the plumber requires a license to function in the state. In fact, a licensed contractor is more trustworthy compared to someone who doesn't take the trouble to obtain a license to provide a better service to the customer. Check the BBB's website to see if there are any complaints against the contractor that you plan to hire. Never hire a plumbing contractor with unresolved complaints from several of his customers.


All plumbers should be insured while he needs to be bonded as well in some states. Insurance helps protect the customer and tradesman in the case of an accident or injury. Hence, look for a plumber with adequate insurance to cover the entire duration of the project. There are many rogue service providers who pretend to be insured when they are actually not. Hence, you may have to check the validity of the insurance certificate of the contractor by calling the relevant insurance provider in the area. Look for the reputation and experience of the contractor when hiring the best candidate for the job. That way you can easily pick the right plumbing contractor in the area for your emergency plumbing project.

What To Do When You Have Plumbing Problems

21/06/2017 16:34

In some cases, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast, commercial and residential plumbing problems can be taken care of without assistance. However, more often than not, an expert plumber will be required for more serious problems.


So how do you know when you need to call a plumber?


1. Emergencies

Most plumbing problems turn into emergencies very quickly. A burst water heater or pipe will require a plumber immediately. It is best to call out an emergency plumber in these situations to attend to your immediate needs and make more permanent repairs later.


2. Blocked Drains

A water outlet that is draining away slowly or not at all probably means that the drain or pipes are blocked. This can normally dealt with using a strong drain cleaner to clear away built up soap scum, grease and grime as well as debris in the drainage system and a plunger.


If this fails to unblock the drain, you will need to call a plumber. Toilets that are blocked and cannot be resolved with a plunger may also require a plumber. Where a blockage cannot be located, it is best to get expert assistance.


For external drainage pipes that are situated outdoors, a plumber with specialist equipment will definitely be required. The main reason for these type of blockages is tree roots growing into the pipes which require specialized tools to remove. Repairs to the pipe may also need to be made.


3. Leaks

Most faucet leaks can be repaired by replacing a washer or seal or tightening the spigot. However, if this does not resolve the leak, it is advisable to call a plumber to assess what the problem is and make the necessary repairs.


It is recommended to have the number of a residential and commercial plumber in Mooresville, NC or anywhere else you are from, handy to assist you with any plumbing problems as needed.

Best Plumbing Services For Your Needs

19/06/2017 16:01

Plumbing is one of those things where you are going to realize how tough it can be to hire the right people.


Many are going to present options and might assume to be the best, but they are not at all. This is when you have to take a step back and figure out who is the real deal and who is not. Here are the qualities you are going to want to see from the best plumbing services in Asheville, NC

Or anywhere else you live  and why they are the right choice for you.


1) Certified and Insured

There are people out there who claim to be pros but they are not, and those are the ones you are not going to want at all. Look to go with those who are certified and insured because they will do an incredible job for you.

A certified and insured option is the one that is going to yield great results.


2) Free Quotes

The quotes you are getting will always matter, and that is why you have to focus in on this as soon as you can.

They need to provide free quotes without asking for anything so you can survey what the best option is.


3) Organized

You want a plumbing repair services team that is organized because you are spending a lot of money for them to come in. You want them to be prompt and on top of things right off the bat. If that is not the case, you are the one who is taking a massive chance, and it will blow up in your face in the end.


These are the things that are going to be a real deal breaker if they are not present. You always want to set things into motion with the best plumber, and that is how you are going to do it.

How Do You Handle Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs In Your Home?

26/02/2017 17:39

Do you feel like you can trust the plumbers you have hired in the past? Maybe it's not so much a matter of trust but just knowing what you're dealing with. Even if a person is straightforward and honest with you about your plumbing, it doesn't do you much good when it comes to peace of mind if you don't have a clue what's going on. You don't need to know enough about plumbing to make the repairs, but you certainly need to know more about the plumbing fixtures associated with the property you own.


We have so many systems in place these days that it's nearly impossible not to take them for granted. Do you take your plumbing for granted? If you do, that can be quite a costly mistake. Have you ever run into a situation where you want thought you could make a particular plumbing repair? There is nothing wrong with that if you know what you're doing, but you better know.


You do have plenty of resources available when it comes to stores that sell plumbing fixtures and supplies. If you have to call the repairman, you know you want to avoid weekends if possible. Another good day to try and avoid is Monday. It us actually the busiest day for a plumber. Did you know that?


Then you have plumbing emergencies that come up. You can't put off a plumbing emergency, so you better take action quickly. What needs to be done? Who can make the repairs? What is the quote for parts and plumbing services? Whatever needs to be done now, handle it, and then think about whether or not there is anything else you can do to better stay on top of the plumbing fixtures in your home so that they stay working properly.

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