Appreciate a Good Septic Tank Pumping Service

06/12/2013 08:16

If you have ever had a septic system overflow, you can appreciate the septic tank pumping service. Septic systems are a mystery to many people, even to those who have them. It is an “out of sight, out of mind” situation, and we don’t think much more about it until we have to.


Nearly one third of Americans have septic systems for the elimination of the waste matter from their toilets, so this subject is of major importance to a lot of people. The way those work is that all of the wastewater in the house, the toilets, showers, sinks and washing machine leave and converge into one main pipe and empty into the septic tank. When it gets to the tank, fluid begins to separate. The heaviest part of the waste or sludge will sink to the bottom of the tank, and fats, oils and proteins float on top as a scum layer. A relatively clear liquid that is called gray water, or effluent is in the middle, and it flows out of the tank into the septic or drain field where it is absorbed into the soil.


As time goes by, most septic tanks will have to be pumped, as the sludge at the bottom will build up and so will the top layer of scum. If these layers get too dense, they can clog up the system and even leak out of the tank into the drainfield, and clog that up. It is also possible for the material to leak back into the house in more serious cases. Regular pumping of the tank is good sense maintenance, as it frees up the tank for proper operation.


The way that the tank is pumped out works when a tanker truck from a septic pumping company comes to your home, and pumps the material into the truck, to later be disposed at a regulated waste water facility. Once the tank is emptied, it is ready to receive more material. Most tanks should be pumped once every two to five years, depending on the size of the family. A larger family using the septic system would require more frequent pumping.


There is also the possibility that if a septic system is not pumped on a regular basis, there could be some damage to the system, and the drain fields, due to the added pressure on the system. This can result in some fairly serious costs that would be involved to repair and replace parts. So, it is wise to maintain the system on a regular basis and be proactive in the prevention of excess buildup in the system.


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