Drain Cleaning Is A Job Somebody Has To Do

16/06/2014 18:20

When you have a situation where you need to clean your drain, you don't always have to call a plumber to do this successfully. Usually a sink gets clogged in the bathroom or the kitchen, or a toilet gets clogged and needs relief.


There are chemical you can use that break up and dissolve the clogs and prevents them from reoccurring. Devices that are called plumber's snakes or drain snakes are also used for drain cleaning and different models can be purchased at your local hardware store. They are limited in length and only go so far, so if the clog is major  and is located down the line a ways, you may have to call the plumber to bring in his lengthy, motorized snake.


If there is a single clog in a toilet, sink, tub, or shower drain the first option will be to attempt to dislodge it with a chemical drain cleaner that will dissolve hair, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and grease clogs that normally accumulate close to the opening.


Such devices as plungers, handheld augers, air burst drain cleaners and home remedies are usually used in these particular situations.


If the drain is stopped up farther down the sewer line it will take more stringent methods to get the flow going again, such as electric, heavy duty plumber's devices and sewer jetters, which shoot a jet of high powered water down the sewer pipe to dislodge the obstruction.


Most of chemical and alkaline properties are available in hardware stores, and are of sufficient strength to alleviate most of the clogs that occur. True, the ingredients are caustic, but if used properly and the directions are followed, they will cause no harm to the user. These types of cleaners release a gas that is trapped in a foam which bubbles and dislodges and dissolves the obstruction.


Alkaline drain cleaners are good for the dissolving of grease, while acidic drain cleaners are useful in the dissolving of paper. The potential hazards of both if these agents occur primarily if the materials escape from the confines of the drain and it spills out onto the sink or the area where the individual is. Therefore it is imperative that safety glasses be used and directions are followed carefully when performing drain cleaning with these substances.


Most clogged drains can be cleared up by the homeowner, but if it gets too serious and progress cannot be made, don't hesitate to call a plumber. To learn more check the Hickory, NC professional plumbers website.