Drain Cleaning Tips You Can Use Today

14/01/2016 14:02

When you have a problem with your drain, it often requires you to either have the skills to clean it out and repair it, or call a professional that can do this for you. Drains can be clogged for many different reasons such as hair and soap that clogs up in the trap, or it could be something more substantial such as a broken pipe as a result of freezing or roots that grow into the drain. All these problems can be handled by a professional plumber that will understand what to do and have the skills and tools necessary to complete the process. In this article, we will look at what drain cleaning is all about, what you could probably fix on your own, and what you will certainly need a professional for, especially for emergencies.


Reasons That Drains Clog

There are several reasons that a drain can clog. As mentioned before, it could be the combination of hair, soap, conditioner and many other products that are washed into your sink, shower or bathtub drain. If it is the sink, this is a very simple thing to fix as most of the particulate matter collects in the trap, simply requiring you to remove it, clean it out, and it will be ready to use. More significant problems may require something like Drano which can eat through this particulate matter, commonly used in sinks and showers where the clog is too far away. If that doesn't work, then you will need to call a professional plumber to come out to your location, potentially crawl under your home, and resolve the problem that you are facing.


How To Clean A Drain

If you want to do this on your own, you will simply need a plumber's wrench and a bottle of Drano. Traps are easy to clean, held in place by a couple coupling nuts that are sometimes removable with your fingers. Once you have pushed everything out of the trap with paper towels and a flexible rod, you simply put it back on and everything should function. If not, the Drano should work to remove any simple clogs that may exist, but if you are dealing with roots, those that have grown into your pipes, a plumber will have to come out with an auger or simply replace the pipe where the problem is, a costly but necessary process.


Once this is done, your drains should work fine once again. It might be something that you can do on your own, or may require the help of a professional. Simply use these drain cleaning tips to see if they can help you out, and if they do not help you at all, you can always find a plumber that offers services in your area, sometimes for emergencies, that will resolve this issue for you. Check the Charlotte drain cleaning website for more information and any needed help.