Found Someone That Does Residential Electrical Projects

25/02/2017 09:24

I needed to have a new outlet installed. I bought a tanning bed and I didn't have anywhere to plug it in. I don't know anything about electrical outlets or how to do any of that and thought it would be best left to a professional. I started searching for someone that does residential electrical projects.


I asked on my Facebook page to see if any of my friends could recommend someone that does residential electrical projects like this. I got a few responses and one of my friends said they had a cousin that works in the electrical field. I asked for their number so I could call them and see what they would charge me to do something like this. While waiting to get his number, I went on Google and searched for electricians in my area.


I found a few that way too and called them to ask what they would charge. They said it would depend on a few different things such as if they had to install new wiring and other factors. I decided to wait until I heard from my friends cousin before making arrangements for them to give me an estimate on the work in person.


A little later the guy my friend recommended called me and told me they could do the job that day. They said they wouldn't charge much to do it either. I decided to just go with them and set up a good time for him to come over.


Within 10 minutes this electrician had my electrical outlet hooked up and I was able to use my tanning bed later that evening. It seemed to be easy and he said it was because there was already a line ran for the outlet. Check the Tampa, FL commercial electrical contractor for more information and any needed help.