Gas or Electric Water Heater? Your Plumber Can Help You Choose

26/01/2018 16:31

You are getting ready for the day. You have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and read the morning news. You are about to hop in the shower and BAM! You are hit with nothing but cold water. After a few calls to your home warranty company, you find out your water heater is no longer under warranty and it’s time to get a new one.  As you wander around the home improvement store, you discover there are two different options: gas or electric. Which one should you choose?

Rather than trying to read all the labels and do Google searches for the best water heaters of 2018 – there is a single phone call you should make: to your plumber. Because there are several pros and cons of each water heater option, having an experienced and knowledgeable professional help you weigh your options can be invaluable.

Here are a few of the things your plumber might discuss with you as you choose a gas or electric water heater:

  • When it comes to initial purchase price, electric water heaters are less expensive. However, they cost more to operate on a daily basis.
  • Electric heaters are safer to install and are generally safer in the home because there is no risk of fuel leaks or combustion.
  • Gas heaters take less time to reheat water and will work under power outages, while electric heaters will not.
  • The average life of an electric water heater is approximately 12 years, while gas heaters tend to last a year or two longer.

In the U.S., 49% of households use a gas water heater and 31% use electric, while 20% use another source or no water heating. So, which water heater should you choose? It really comes down to your individual priorities. Is it price? Safety? Lifespan? Whichever route you choose, your plumber will also know how to help you get the best results from your new investment with efficient and accurate installation.