How To Unclog Toilet - Here Are Some Tips

09/11/2013 12:57

Unclogging a toilet is never a fun thing to do, however, the ironic thing about it is that toilets seem to clog themselves at the most inappropriate times, like when you have guests in your house or there's someone else waiting who's desperate to use the toilet. I have a lost of experience dealing with those problems as well as water heater installation and repairs of water heater leaks in Hickory, NC where i live.

In this article, I will let you in on some tips which I hope will work and help you next time you need to unclog your toilet.


Do not flush again

If you have a clogged toilet, the worst thing you can do is flush the toilet again. Flushing the second time around will usually cause the water to overflow. It's definitely NOT something you want to see happening especially when you've dropped some solids in there.


Again, and we can't stress this enough: if it doesn't flush the first time, it means the toilet is clogged.  


2. Drop some dishwashing soap and hot tap water

Put a few drops of dishwashing soap into the bowl and then pour half a bucket full of hot water in. The water should not be hotter than your regular cup of tea. Let the water and dish washing soap sit for a few minutes. Normally, this will naturally clear away any clogs.


3. Use the plunger method

The plunger method is never fun but you will need to do it if the dish washing soap and hot water does not work. Use a heavy-duty plunger that is able to seal the toilet bowl. The best type of plumbers to use on clogged toilets are those that are ball-shaped or have a rubber flange at the bottom. Small, suction-type plungers do NOT work. Apply force on the clogged drain. If you're a woman, have a man do the plunging for you instead.


The above tips are really just some of the most common solutions to loosening a clogged toilet. Whatever you do, before you do any work, make sure to wear rubber gloves and  to spread some vinyl plastic on the floor of your toilet to protect yourself and the rest of your toilet. Also, make sure to open all the windows so you don't inhale any septic fumes. Also, wear a mask to cover your nose.


As we said before, working to unclog toilet is never fun, although you can take comfort in the fact that the solutions to a clogged toilet are surprisingly simple and effective.