How To Unclog Toilets?

14/12/2013 13:02

Backed up toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems every home has. And it always seem as if toilets get clogged up at the worst possible time - just when guests arrive for a party, or you are about to leave for the weekend, you might have toilet problems. However, there are some quick remedies that you might try to relieve the clog and continue with your plans.

If you want to unclog your toilet, try flushing once. If that doesn't work, don't try to flush again right away. Doing this will cause more water to move from the tank into the bowl, and it might cause flooding.


One handy trick that seems to work quite often is to squirt a generous amount of dish soap into the bowl. This soap is made to break up grease and biological wastes, and it might seep down into the pipes and help you get rid of the clog. It also serves as a lubricant, and it is cheaper and less dangerous than commercial clog removers.


Also note that most clog removers have a warning that they should not be used in toilets. You can purchase a few commercial products that can be used in toilets, but they do not work immediately. If you're frequently find yourself needing to unclog your toilet, you might use these products periodically as a proactive solution.


You should put on rubber gloves when you work on your toilet because they are pretty unsanitary places to work. Also change into work clothes that are easy to wash.


You might try using a plunger. Most people have better luck with larger plungers than the smaller ones. If you cannot remove the problem after a couple of pushes, stop for awhile.


If the water goes down a little after awhile, you might get a bucket of hot water to pour into the bowl. Be careful not to splash yourself. Sometimes the weight of the water and the heat can help clear clog. Be careful to use hot, but not boiling water. Really hot water could crack your bowl.


Again, let the problem sit for a few minutes if it is not cleared right away. At this point, you might try plunging the toilet again.


When I cannot remove the blockage after several attempts, I know it’s time to call a Hickory, NC professional plumbers and you should do the same - call a professional - you might have a large blockage further down in your sewer line, and you need somebody to diagnose it and help you get it fixed.