Keeping A Drain Clean

16/12/2013 10:58

There is no doubt about it, drains in the house will occasionally clog up and will need to be cleaned. While it is more appropriate to keep the drain clean by doing a regular cleaning, sometimes we forget about it until it clogs up again.


There are chemical based cleaners that will help in keeping your drains clean. If you use it once a month, you may never have a problem with drains stopping up and causing a problem. Just follow the directions on the container and you should have no problems.


There are other devices that can also be used to keep the drains clean and running smoothly. Such items as a drain snake, plungers, drain augers that are hand held, air burst drain cleaners, and home remedies are additional items that can be used to clean out drains as well. These items are useful if you have only one drain that is clogged and the clog is near to the drain.


If you have more than one drain that is clogged, then you have a more serious problem and you will need a drain solution that can run from one end of the house to the other. It will need to be able to remove hard and soft substances from anywhere along and in the drainpipe the entire length of the drainpipe clear out to the opening into the sewer outside the building. This is usually the job of the electric cleaners and the sewer jetters. This is usually the plumbers job also, because most of us don’t have an electric drain cleaner or a sewer jetter close by that we can use.


The bottom line is to attempt to clean the drain first with the stuff you have at your home, and if they don’t work you will have to call the plumber to come and handle it with his electric snake or sewer jetter.


If the item that is blocking the drain is very solid, attempting to dissolve it or push is out with a mechanism that is too light or too far away to do any good, won’t work. You will need expert work on this and once started, there is no turning back. Once the problem is identified, the plumber won’t have any problem getting rid of the problem in no time. There is no sense spending 4 hours trying to dislodge a jam in the sewer with homemade solutions, when the plumber can take care of things right away.


The thing to remember that when you are cleaning a drain by yourself with whatever method you use, is to be very careful to follow the directions on the container of the cleaning device. What can happen while you are getting it clean is that some of the materials are caustic enough to cause you harm if they are misused or too much material is placed down into the drain at once.


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