Plumbing, What Is It Exactly?

18/01/2016 16:41

Unless you have studied it, have extensive knowledge of it, or have a relative or close friend that work in the field, it's likely that you have questions about what exactly plumbing is. You are not alone in your wondering as many people don't know how plumbing works, how to fix problems related to it, and how it even began. Sit back, relax, and learn more about this amazing thing we call plumbing.


Basically, plumbing is everything in your home or business that distributes water. It involves drains, fitting, fixtures, valves, and pipes. It also involves systems such as water heaters systems and things needed to make the water drinkable and heated. Anything that involves water in one way or another is related to plumbing.


The word plumbing comes from the Latin word plumbum, which means lead. Did you know that the Romans created the first effective pipes? They did this and inscribed their pipes to prevent water theft. The first people to use plumbing like we know it today was the Chinese, Romans, Greek, Indian, and Persian. They did so as they created public baths and saw the need for potable water and also the removal of wastewater for large numbers of people.


When you hear the word plumbing, it often refers to the waste system of a home, office, school, or other building. Pipes or tubes, often hidden, are used to bring in and remove water. There are many other items needed for proper plumbing such as water meters, expansion tanks, water heaters, pumps, control systems, gauges, and other special equipment. All of this works together so we can have the convenience of running water in our buildings.


A plumber is someone who you call when your plumbing isn't working like it should. They can come in with their specialized equipment, including cameras, tools, and other items, along with their knowledge. Based on the issues that you are having, they can diagnose what is causing the problem, and then fix leaks, clogs, and other things that may be not working when it comes to your plumbing.


When you think about it, plumbing is actually quite amazing. This idea that was started so many years ago is still used today. The technology that we now have has made it more effective and the problems easier to spot, but the basic idea of pipes and water is still the one that was discovered in the Roman Era.