Drain Clean Operations Are Very Necessary to Maintain Hygienic Conditions in Homes

22/08/2013 14:01

A clogged drain in a home can lead to sinks overflowing and causing a mess, besides making conditions very unsanitary. So a drain clean operation is very necessary when you are faced with such situations.


Drain clean can be done in a number of ways that involves the use of drain cleaners in the form of liquids, physical methods like plungers or augers, or even the use of more sophisticated equipment. The right drain cleaners can be used drains, toilets and even septic systems. Before any cleaners or other methods are used for the drain clean, it is necessary to ensure that the soft obstruction like hair or other grease is physically removed. Quite often this exercise itself is enough to allow water to drain quickly, and a further liberal quantity of water may clear the rest of the material clogging the drain, as the water now enters the drain easily.   


Liquid drain cleaners are chemicals that can be alkaline or acidic in nature. The normal household cleaners that are normally alkaline in nature contain sodium or potassium hydroxide, and will be in liquid or solid form. Some cleaners come in concentrations, and require to be diluted before they are poured into a drain. Some will be two part cleaners that need to be mixed before being poured into the drain. Certain other drain clean agents are powders that need to be put into the drain and left overnight to dissolve the clog. Water poured down after this time will carry the cleaner and the dissolved materials clogging the drain and restore it to its original condition. Acidic cleaners normally consist of high concentrations of acids and are best used only by professional plumbers. A lot of care is necessary while these are being used, as splashes can prove very corrosive. Many housewives use homemade drain cleaners like boiling water and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to clear clogs.


Plungers create vacuum in the drain and do help to loosen clogged material, which can then be flushed down the drain. These devices are quite commonly used in most homes. A plumber may use an auger to bore through the clog, but this is only possible in straight pipe lengths where the clog is visible. Other devices used by plumbers are snakes that are very flexible augers that can go into long lengths of clogged drains using the mechanical force created by electric motors. More sophisticated methods use air jets or water under very high pressure through pipes that are flexible and can be forced through a drain till it meets the clogged area. The high pressure of air or water then clears the drain.