Hired A Great Plumbing Company To Clean My Drains

09/08/2016 08:55

The drains in my home were draining slowly and had been for a few weeks. No matter what I tried to use or how I tried to fix them, they still drained slowly. I knew I would need to find a plumber to come and clean my drains for me. Here is how I was able to find one to help me out.


The first thing I did was went on Facebook and asked about plumbing companies in Charlotte, NC. I wanted to know if my friends on Facebook had used them or who they recommended for drain cleaning. I got lots of information and recommendations for plumbers in the area.


Next I went to Google to find phone numbers for these plumbers. I noticed there was lots of information available on Google about them, including reviews for their business. I decided to give each one of them a call to see what they charged for what I needed to have done. Since I had heard mostly great things about all of them, I thought this would be the best way to get a great price on drain cleaning.


After calling around to get prices, I found that one company was cheaper than the others. They also had good reviews available online. I decided to set up an appointment with them and have them clean my drains for me.


They did a great job getting my drains clean and I haven't had any problems with them since. I have recommended this company to another friend of mine that was having plumbing problems. She said they did a great job for her too. I have their number saved in case I ever need to hire them again for any of my plumbing needs.