Hired An Electrician For Electrical Repair Work That Needed Done

20/01/2017 09:57

I was having some problems with some of the electrical outlets in my home. As I don't know anything about repairing electrical issues, I knew I would need to find a licensed electrical contractors in Greenville, SC my hometown to help me.


I started to search for an electrician and found out about one by talking to a few of my friends. They told me that another one of their friends did electrical work and does jobs on the side of his regular job. My friend told me that he would call him and see when he was available to take a look at my electrical outlets.


The next day my friend sent me a text and asked me if I would be available later in the day for his friend to stop by and take a look to see what the problem is. I told my friend I would be around and to send him over.


He was able to look at the outlets and quickly figure out a solution to the problem. He said I would need new outlets and that he would go get some to install for me. I asked him what all this would cost me so I would have the money available to give him when he was done.


While he ran to the store, I ran to the bank to get the cash to pay him. We arrived back at my home at the same time and he finished the job in 5 minutes. He didn't charge me much to install the outlets and they work just fine now. I am glad I have the extra outlets now to use and I will call him for any other electrical work I need done in the future.