Septic Tank Maintenance: Septic Pumping & More

14/11/2013 08:59

In most homes, drains might seem pretty magical. A push of a button, or pulling out a stop and the waist disappears into the oblivion, or so it seems. Unless a toilet is clogged or overflowing, or the garbage disposal is malfunctioning, little thought is given the waist disposal system that is essential to sanitary home life: the septic tank. In rural home everything that goes down the drain flows into the septic tank, a garbage disposal system buried in your yard.


This amazing disposal system is specially designed to allow the waste to separate, with the heaviest particulate matter (like food bits) to sink to the bottom, and lighter oils and proteins to rise to the top. In between you have the a layer of comparatively clear liquid called effluent, or gray water. The tank is engineered to keep the oils and sediment in, while at the same time allowing the gray water to leach into the soil.


With time the sediment and scum build up, that is where septic pumping come into play. Regular septic pumping is an important part of making sure your septic system doesn't malfunction and continues working efficiently and correctly.But when do  you need your tank pumped, and how do you know?


Although there are definite criteria to help you determine when this should be done, because there are no sensors or indicators to let the homeowner know that their system needs servicing, having your tank checked yearly is a good idea to avoid serious problems or complications.  


I used a local Brandon, FL septic pumping services to inspect my entire system and to make sure it is working properly, check scum and sludge levels and to make sure the effluent is draining properly. I knew and you should know this as well good working order, most tanks will need to pump every two or three years.


There are steps you can take to prolong periods between pumps, it is important to consult a professional before adding anything to your tanks as it could cause more harm than good and upset the delicate ecosystem that develops in a tank over the years.


Waist isn't something we like to think about, down the drain and never to be thought of again. But, as a home owner taking care of your septic system is very important. Regular septic tank inspections and pumping is an important part of home maintenance.