What to Do in the Event of a Water Heater Leak

15/09/2013 10:58

At some point as a home ages, the household will likely experience a water heater leak, when rust and corrosion begin to deteriorate the inside of the tank. When that happens, the homeowner will need to decide on what type of water heater replacement they will need to install in the home. They can select from a variety of options including conventional storage water heaters, heat pump water heaters, tankless units, and those that operate off of solar energy.


There are specific criteria to be considered when choosing the best replacement for a tank that is experiencing a water heater leak. These include:


The Size Based on the size of the home, the homeowner will need to decide on the size of the unit that will need to be replaced. Larger homes that have more than one bathroom often require a 30 gallon, 50 gallon or larger unit.


Energy Efficiency

The easiest way to maximize the energy efficiency of the unit and minimize costs of operation is to select a water tank that is rated by the Energy Star program. The manufacturer ensures that it can accurately estimate the amount of energy efficiency of the unit in a typical household.


Fuel Type

There are many water heaters available that operate on different fuel types. The energy source can be derived from solar panel units, gas, a heat pump, electricity, and others. The household will need to determine exactly what type of fuel is available in the area, and its cost for annual operation.


Cost of Replacement

The total cost of replacement is based on a variety of components including whether or not the homeowner performs the replacement of a tank suffering from water heater leak or not. A licensed plumbing service provider can estimate the cost of the replacement along with its annual operating costs when compared to a variety of other energy-efficient models.


Long-Term Savings

There are significant long-term savings that can be acquired with the installation of a new water heater tank. The homeowner should consider installing a tankless water heater that runs on natural gas. Research indicates that this type of system can save the homeowner 30% compared to a standard water heater that uses natural gas.


In addition, the installation of the water heater that runs off the heat pump can be extremely cost-effective in numerous areas around the country. In all, they tend to save upwards of 50% or more than a standard tank.