You Can Learn How To Fix Your Toilet

16/01/2014 07:25

For many people who experience a problem with their toilet, their first impulse is to get a plumber to fix your toilet. However, you can learn to do this by doing a little homework towards learning how a toilet works, particularly about all of the gizmos that are contained in the tank, will put you on the path to perform a "toilet ectomy" if the occasion should arise for you to take action.


Typically, you will get the cry from a family member such as, "the toilet won't flush!" This is actually a cry for help, but it is usually easily solved. If you will lift the lid on the tank, that large thing on the back, and look inside you will see a plunger-like device that covers a hole in the bottom of the tank. You are on your way to learning how to fix your toilet.


When you lift that plunger, water in the tank flows out, which is actually the flush, as the water in the tank replaces the water that is in the toilet bowl. Much of the time, the little chain that connects the flush handle on the outside of the tank to the plunger is broken or has come loose. Re-attach it to the lever and you will easily see how it works, so next time the problem comes up, you are the expert.


If you examine the whole apparatus that is contained in the tank and watch it work as you flush the toilet, you will readily see how it works by removing water from the tank to move water out of the bowl below, and then slowly replacing the water in the tank, while the float rises to a certain height, until it stops and the water ceases to fill the tank.


Sometimes the entire apparatus just wears out and needs to be replaced, and then your can go to the big box store and get a new set. You can study how to install that on the internet, but basically you first turn off the water with the little valve that is located on the waterline coming into the water tank. Then you flush the toilet until all of the water but a little is flushed out of the tank.


Then take a sponge and sponge out any remaining tank water. Don't worry about contamination because it is all fresh water in the tank. Follow the directions on the package of the new apparatus. You will basically install a new water tube coming into the tank, a new plunger and a new device for flushing. Once your learn this you will be able to fix your toilet anytime. You have graduated!


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